About Me: Elle

I like to keep busy. I’m a multipotentialite. I like to do lots of things, and do them very well, and then get bored and forget about them. Which is why this is not my first blog. God, no.

One of the things I like to do is have cosy, quiet, comfortable weekends at home, with my hubs, and my parents (who we live with), and my cat Frank, who I can never get bored of. Starting Monday mornings, I dream of fresh-laundered pyjamas, I meticulously plan my Friday nights, I think: ‘what are we doing this weekend? what will we eat?’

I like to cook, I like to feed people. I enjoy fattening up my friends at work, that’s a lot of fun. I love seeing the look on hubs face when the table’s set and he’s got mounds and mounds of food to enjoy, rivalling any Hogwarts feast. I like to torment my mother with offerings of fattening, delicious dishes. She cannot resist.

Sometimes, however, I can’t be arsed to cook. Sometimes I need junk, or fast-eats. Being dairy-free, there’s often not a whole lot I can eat. In those times, I usually eat chips. I fucking love chips.

I also like looking at pictures of food. The possibilities of food that I could eat, thought usually I can’t.

Plus, I’ve got an awesome new phone, with a lovely camera, and something new to me called ‘lens blur’ which is like, the coolest thing ever.

Adding all these facts together, I started another blog, this one. I will take photos of my food, as this seems to be the way, the thing to do nowadays. I hope to do it only surreptitiously, and not let the food go cold. I will not stand up in a crowded restaurant and take pictures with the flash on. I might occasionally take photos of cheap, frozen junk. But, hey, if it’s tasty cheap, frozen junk, that doesn’t have dairy in it, I don’t really care. As long as the pictures look good.

So, hi, I’m Elle 🙂