Ree Drummond’s Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes


Saturday mornings, I usually wake up with tea, cereal, and Food Network. And this often strongly influences what I have for dinner! Today, Ree Drummond was making vats of deliciousness for cowboys, as per usual, so I borrowed her recipes for roasted beef tenderloin and roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Except I didn’t use tenderloin, and I didn’t put garlic in the ‘tatoes…! I also didn’t use 4lbs of potatoes, ’cause I was only feeding two! But it was gooooood. (Also, on the side, some boring veggies that I didn’t enjoy very much ’cause they weren’t more mashed ‘tatoes!)

It was also very fitting as it’s Eurovision night, and what’s more British than roast beef?! Well… yes, Ree is American, and by extension, so is this recipe. And the cherry pie we have for dessert may sound American but… um… well I bought it here in Britain, and it’s tasty and shuttup it’s British k?

Thanks, Ree, for forever changing the way I make mashed potatoes! Everything turned out awesomely, unlike other times I’ve followed other people’s recipes. You can really tell Ree has double/triple-tested all her recipes!





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