Midweek Cheater’s Roast!


It’s Half Term so I have time to cook. But I cba. So today I made preprepared chicken with pork stuffing, and preprepared honey & mustard parsnips. I actually made the roast potatoes, sweetcorn, and carrots that went with it. And I stirring water into the instant gravy powder all by myself. It was a taxing process. But a very nice outcome. That chicken was damn delicious, and cooked really quickly, compared to a whole chicken with all the trimmings!




For dessert, we had a preprepared fruit tart. And on the side, I had wine. This is a big deal, I don’t drink. But we have these pretty wine glasses (thanks, Amy!) and it’s low alcohol wine, so I thought I’d try it. It’s very nice wine.



I have a slight headache now, tho…


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