Chinese Take-Away


Look at this bowl of deliciousness that I didn’t even get to eat! That’s right, I ordered food, I paid for food, I filled a bowl. Previous to this, a migraine kicked in. So by the time I’m sat in front of the tasty bowl of non-nutritiousness, I couldn’t face it! I had a few nibbles of noodles, and a poke at some chips (chips from Chinese shops are always awesome) but I felt so sick and so in pain, that I went to bed. Left poor hubs chowing down on Chinese and watching Archer all by himself. I still feel fucking awful about that. It was supposed to be our romantic weekend, as our anniversary was last Monday, and with Valentine’s Day, and Half Term break. We were going to haveĀ wine. This was a big deal.

I will be making it up to him this week!

Fucking cluster migraines…

I did eat the leftovers for breakfast tho.


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