Cheeseless Big Mac!


I’m sure we’re all fully aware of my McDonalds addiction. Yesterday’s dinner was a big flop, and I had a shitty night, so I needed something salty and tasty. The McDonalds in Balham has these awesome self-serve machines, so I don’t have to go up to a cashier and ask for ridiculous amounts of food, embarrassed there’s only two of us eating and not four – but really, one meal in McDonalds is hardly enough food for a child!

Moving on, the awesome self-serve machines let you customise your order. We did not know this before, found this feature by accident. So I’m moving away from hamburgers, as pleasant as they are, and going back to Big Macs, only happily cheeseless now! Also, you can order your drinks sans ice, which is the best.

Maybe I’ll give up McDonalds for lent… That, and being negative…

(n.b. why can’t I take a picture of a burger without a bite missing? why can’t I waaaait?)



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