Stuffed Pasta Minestrone Soup


I love this soup! It’s cheap and it’s filling and it’s super healthy. Fresh stuffed pasta is one of my favourite foods, and it’s getting increasingly harder to find some that I can actually eat. This pasta, which I’ve posted about previously, only contains dairy in the form of hard cheese, so I have no probs tucking in. I’m pretty sure any good Italian would tell you that whey protein and skimmed milk powder does not belong in pasta, but supermarkets tend to just ignore shit like that!

The recipe for this can be found here. I tend to modify it depending on what veggies I’ve got. I love to add leeks and garlic, and sometimes a dollop of pesto on top, right before serving.


This food blog has made me realise that, aside from my already-known affection for chips, I also seem to have an obsession with garlic bread as a side dish. Back to Keto soon, I think…


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