New Year’s Eve Mini Party!


We have a tradition in this family. Rather than go to some boring party where the music is too loud and everyone reeks of champagne, we stay home in the warmth, watch funny things on TV, and eat tiny foods. This is our Mini Party.


Pictured above: a 48-piece Indian platter, with pakoras, bhajis, rice balls, and tiny samosas.


Pictured above: dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free chicken nuggets. Blood delicious actually. Chicken nuggets are usually dairy-free anyway, and I’m not wheat or gluten intolerant (I think… I hope…) but I just wanted to try this. So golden and crispy, very good. Also on that plate, mozzarella dough balls. Simple really – pre-made pizza dough, cut into squares, mozzarella inside, wrap up, and cook.


Pictured above: Marks & Spencer’s teriyaki chicken skewers (bit too brown meat for me), and rather singed beef and onion Cornish pasties.


Pictured above: Cheesy nachos. Technically mini, so it counts.


Pictured above: Ain’t no party without cocktail sausages!


Pictured above: Duck spring rolls. Love these, good with ramen.


Pictured above: Last but not least, mini Scotch eggs, and the array of dips we enjoyed throughout the evening.

Not pictured: Vol-au-vents. No matter how much I beg and bargain for them, no one ever lets me buy vol-au-vents. Fuck. Next year, fo’ sho’.


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