Byron, Haymarket


I love the food at Byron. Firstly, I can actually eat the food, so that’s already a huge bonus. Other places like Ed’s Diner and Five Guys, put all kinds of dairy shit in their burgers and onion rings. Ain’t no fun times to be had there. But Byron are intolerance-friendly. And also bloody tasty too.

I always like to try the ‘specials’ – even in McDonald’s, prior to the lactose intolerance, I always went for the special burger of the day. And Byron’s burgers are just so good. Above photo is the smoky burger, sans cheese tho’. I had never considered crispy fried onions in a burger before, and I don’t think I can ever go back now.

Their onion rings are pretty awesome, not just salty and deep-fried, but like, Cajun-flavoured and spicy too. The skin-on chips are usually awesome – my only complaint today was that most of my portion was taken up by greaseproof paper, and not many actual chips in the cup. Eh. It’s New Year’s Eve, and we’ve got a Mini Party to attend, so I guess I should save some space!




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