Pulled Chicken Burgers



As it’s so close to Christmas, and we’ve been eating like hogs, there’s a lot of foods to avoid and a lot of foods we’re sick of. So this was an dinner idea from way back – it’s probably been a good 5 years since we last had pulled chicken burgers, and with good reason… this shit it sweet, yo. I sort-of half-glanced at this recipe, and followed it poorly, but the end result was pretty good. But any food drenched in an entire bottle of Newman’s sticky bbq sauce is gonna be filling and sweet and something you only eat once a year!

Bonus photos of the side dish – home-made oven chips – and the finished constructed burgers, with emmental cheese slices, salad, and guacamole inside. Yum. Very yum. But dear gods, not eating this for a while!





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