Sticky Chicken & Spicy Rice


After our tasty cheeky Nandos last week, and the Devilled Chicken, cooked by bestie-with-baby, I’ve come to realise that I actually kinda like chicken drumsticks. So for a Friday feast, we wanted some sticky baked chicken drumsticks, and I found this recipe for a sticky marinade. It’s reasonably low-carb, and delightfully savoury. I was dubious as it didn’t smell great to me whilst baking, but the taste was lovely. I had a lot of fun trying to eat chicken on the bone – my teeth aren’t great for chomping and gnawing actions. IB4dirtyjokes.

As an extra treat for hubs, who loves thighs on any mammal… rawr… I used the marinade on some chicken legs, and made a little extra, ’cause man, legs are big.

Can’t tell you much about the rice as I refrained… keto, ya know. But hubs made himself some taste rice with peas. Meanwhile, I enjoyed my chicken with coleslaw (finally found coleslaw made with mayonnaise, and not bloody creme fraiche or the like, gah!). It made for a very good late night supper.


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