Sunday Lunch: Roast Beef

I feel strongly about Sunday lunch…

Sunday Lunch: Roast Beef

Now that picture tells most of the story. But I’d like to think the main character to this delicious plate of noms is this…

Perfect Yorkshire Puddings!

Look at them. Look at them. Looooook…

I don’t often have success with Yorkshires. Well, maybe once. And as I’m dairy-free, I can’t eat ready-made, frozen ones. So today I thought: fuck it, let’s have a go… But let’s use a proper recipe for one.

So I found this one here and it looked doable. I followed the recipe to the letter. Even sent hubs back upstairs to double-check the recipe. I was scared. I didn’t peek at all. Until hubs pointed out that my still-cooking Yorkshires actually looked like Yorkshires. I peeked, I yelped, I danced a little bit.

Man, they were good. Not at all greasy, like mine usually are. I usually put a half-teaspoon of oil at the bottom of each hole of the muffin tin, as I thought was correct. This time, I just brushed the holes and tops with oil so they were greased, but not pooling. I feel like my eyes have been opened…

I am very happy, this meal made me smile.

And now, bonus picture of roast potatoes…

Roast Potatoes


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