Golden Syrup Flapjacks


Doesn’t that picture look good? Oatie brown goodness, shiny and golden. Yes, this is a perfect picture of some flapjacks.

Unfortunately the flapjacks themselves were less than perfect. Put bluntly, I had two goes at this, and neither were what I’d call a success. In fact, just thought of the finished article makes me a little sad.

My pal at work made these gooey, golden nuggets of joy, and they were heaven. Were seeing our besties with a newborn tonight, and I thought oooh, flapjacks. So work-pal gave me the recipe, which can be found here, and told me her mods to make them awesome – she recommends ground ginger, and I added some cinnamon.

As I said, did not work.

First batch, as pictured above, look beautiful. But one bite, and you’d vacuuming it out of the carpet for weeks. It was dry. Good god, tasty, buttery, spiced lightly by me, but like eating cream crackers

Frustrated, I attempted batch two, with less oats, more syrup, more spice. Flavour was even better, but! Still pretty dry.

I make my solemn vow now that I will never again attempt the cooking of flapjacks. Sorry Stella, work-pal, this is your job now.

I’ll still present the ‘jacks to besties and baby, but only so we can have a laugh trying to eat them crammed around their kitchen sink so as to spare their cream carpet and possible lingering bunny-rabbit…

I also made some sweet potato and butternut squash soup for them – shhh, is secret, haven’t given it yet – but I forgot to take a picture. Oops. Will make some more tomorrow for work lunch.


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