Cheaters Fajitas!

So far, this blog has only shown me how lazy I am when it comes to dinner time.


I had a very busy day at work. In fact, I’ve missed lunch 5 days in a row now. I bought a packet of Uncle Ben’s microwavable rice, intending upon finally having a hot meal at lunchtime. But that didn’t happen. Might also have had something to do with the flapjacks a friend baked for me, that I devoured during break time (and will be baking myself this weekend). So the rice went untouched.

Hubs was working late, so I threw together cheaters Fajitas in his absence. This is essentially all the good bits of Fajitas – guacamole, soft comforting wraps – but with breaded or battered chicken goujons in the middle. Hit the spot, filled a hole, we were happy and we’ve got left over for lunch tomorrow. Which I will eat. And at a reasonable lunch-ish hour! I will.


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