Apple and Cinnamon Cake

Apple and Cinnamon Cake

Adapted from BBC’s bramley apple and blackberry tray cake, found here.

Last summer, the hubs and I went blackberry picking at our local common, and made off with a kilo of fresh (free!) blackberries! I didn’t really know what to do with them, so I baked a pie, and then I found the above recipe. I love this cake! But I don’t have any blackberries left in the freezer, and I’m not going to spend £5 on 300g of blackberries because I am cheap. It’s lovely just with extra apple.

The cake batter itself is so good that I might make it without any fruit at all next time… It’s the cream, melted into the butter, that makes the batter so luscious and velvety and rich. You can smell it when you take a bite. Pure heaven.

And this cake was made completely dairy free, using substitutes from Arla. I was planning on making this with ‘proper’ butter and cream, to dissuade me from eating it, but that’s not fun, is it?!

This is a supremely dense and filling cake; it’s lovely just warm, or cold the next day.


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